I warmly welcome you to the inaugural Eco-Transport Roundtable” Lembit Opik

Objective: To launch a rational debate on UK transport policy, including the proposed new diesel/petrol vehicles ban 2030.

In the light of announcements by Government on the proposed banning of new diesel/petrol engine vehicles by 2030, together with the removal of road space in some urban settings, we are initiating a series of round table discussions for those with a genuine interest in creating a fact based transport agenda for the UK.

Audience: Anyone with an interest in a sustainable transport policy

Date:                           February 9th, 2021.

Time:                          10.30am- 12.00 noon.

Cost to attend:           Free.

Forum:                     Via Zoom following Registration

Proposed agenda

10.30                          Opening comments from Chair on goals of the session.

10.40                          Remarks from MP to be Confirmed.

11.00                          Plenary: transport’s impact on environment.

11.30                          Plenary: pathway to solutions and data we need.

11.50                          Case study: London, from Keith Prince. Conservative London Assembly Member.

12.00                           Next steps and close.

Roundtable Chair: Lembit Öpik: Director of Communications and Public Affairs – Motorcycle Action Group

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