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It has become fashionable from politicos and much of the media, to point all climate change related issues at the door of every diesel and petrol fuelled vehicle. Climate change is indeed happening, we are not sceptics. But is the environmental lobby using empirical and less than objective facts to promote their emotive claims? We think so!

We we have brought together, scientists, motoring related organisations with politicians and expert climate commentators to present the uncensored truth to counter the many ill-informed claims espoused by a one-sided media and ill-informed politicians.

Time there was an honest balanced debate
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Brian Gregory ABD
The cost of implementing Net Zero policies to the UK economy; .i.e., to its taxpayers, is £3 trillion. This is £100,000 per household, or equivalent to annually funding a £100Bn HS2-scale project every year for the next three decades, for no tangible benefit.