More and more dedicated groups are coming together to put honest science into the environmental debate to the politicians, the media and the wrongfully ill-informed public

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The Alliance of British Drivers is a voluntary organisation promoting the interests and concerns of Britain’s drivers. With cars, vans and taxis accounting for 80% of the mileage of all trips in the UK, and over 65% of goods being carried by road, the road network and the people who use it are of vital importance to the nation’s economy.

Lembit opik

Among many influential positions Lembit Opik, long time former MP, TV and Radio broadcaster, is the Communications Spokesman for The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG). MAG is a volunteer led riders’ rights organisation that champions and promotes motorcycling with UK politicians and policy makers.  They make sure motorcyclist interests are heard and protected.

The real independent and not for profit voice in Westminster for 37m UK drivers, who want clean air too, but want this accomplished without being demonised, blamed and continually treated as easy cash cows. FairFuelUK fights for the silent majority, UK’s 37m drivers, that contribute the 5th largest income to the Treasury every year.

“it’s been one of the most successful lobbying campaigns in modern political history, successfully diverting billions from the treasury with barely a squeak.” Gaby Hinsliff – the Guardian

VotersforMotors’ aim is to protect and promote freedom of choice in personal mobility.

‘We have the right to choose how we travel, as long as those choices are socially and environmentally responsible. To remove this choice from the citizen removes a basic freedom, and we will work together with all interested parties and individuals to defend choice in personal transport.’